cause subluxation


What Causes A Spinal Subluxation

Many factors can cause a subluxation. For instance; genetic causes, when delivering a baby, or an unexpected accident, side effects of medicines or sudden changes in the life environment and so on. Subluxations occur when the natural adaptation capacity of the body is overburdened.
It is difficult to say when a subluxation has happened, but it is possible to know its existence through the examination. Generally, one of the first examinations performed in straight chiropractic is that of the Paraspinal skin temperature differential and short legs in the worldwide and short arms in addition especially in Japan. Except for artificial bones or fractures, the existence of subluxations is recognized when a client presents one shorter leg or a shorter arm. For further information, please refer to the next chapter: “How we find subluxations in the Upper Cervical area” in the Specfic Upper Cervical Chiropractic.
Symptoms and subluxation are not always relative.
Some cases do not present any symptoms with Subluxation. Sometimes it is the other way around.